RahRah Fundraising Event Starting Now!

Our second fundraiser is starting NOW! The first step in this fundraiser is filling out your contact information form sent to you by coach Wasnich and Coach Wittlich (Coach Dub). By working hard on fundraisers we can help make your high school football career even better! 


A note from Coach Smith:


Scheduling will be conducted on a month-to-month basis due to Covid-19. Although the state of Michigan and the MHSSA has eliminated dead week for this summer we have made the decision to keep those dead periods. We encourage all parents and athletes to plan their vacations around these periods, if you do not plan on traveling we will have practice and workouts available.

We are hoping to schedule more 7 on 7s and will let the players know as soon as possible. We hope to
keep all of the below scheduled as planned, as long as there are no more bans on gatherings and
sporting events. We will keep you updated as quickly as we are able if things change and events
need to be canceled. Thank you for your patience and understanding! Looking forward to a great
season! Go Mavs!!

Dead Weeks:

June 28th - July 5th 

August 1 - August 8th

Training is Only a Portion of What it Takes to Make a Good Athlete!

Science has shown that milk is more hydrating than water and has far less sugar than
specialized sports beverages. For that reason, you will find chocolate milk as part of the recovery beverages at major Michigan universities to ensure their athletes stay healthy. That's why the 2020 Milford Mavericks football team has partnered with the United Dairy Industry of Michigan to ensure our athletes have access to chocolate milk after
off-season workouts. For more information on eating and drinking for optimal performance visit MilkMeansMore.org

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